Chris Petterson, General Manager & Chef

Chris PettersonA local to western MD, Chris developed a deep interest in food during his childhood. He was drawn in at the age of ten by his fourth grade teacher who favored culinary examples to demonstrate basic principles of science. He quickly became enamored with the idea that raw and simple gifts of nature could be transformed through a bit of technique into tasty combinations.

Through cooking, the drab necessity of gaining sustenance can be changed into an enchanting process that brings people together and gives us something to talk about. He enjoys the fact the cooking is utilitarian yet artistic and that every person, regardless of age, time, culture or the like can relate to it.  Food is necessary and food is fun!

Chris worked in several local restaurants while in high school and continued to work in the industry throughout his studies at Appalachian State University.

Chris graduated from ASU in 2001 with a BS in Biology and minors in Chemistry and Renewable Energy.  He remained in western NC and continued to work in the field over the next six years, broadening both his front of house and kitchen skills.

In 2007, he met his wife to be on a climbing trip in Yosemite National Park and soon thereafter chased her across the Atlantic to Freising Germany.

During his three years abroad, Chris taught at a bilingual Montessori school in Munich and worked part time as a line cook in a traditional Bavarian Gasthaus.

In 2012, he returned to the States to hike the Appalachian Trail with his recently retired mother. Upon completion, he went to work for Lisa Jan as the chef of her MoonShadow Café in Accident, MD. Now he manages Harvest Moon Market and Catering.